Party Wall Advice

If you are planning to carry out certain building works to any part of the wall or floor separating different buildings, often known as ‘party’ walls and floors, or carry out excavations close to adjoining owners property, then it is likely you will need to comply with The Party Wall etc. Act 1996. You will need to give notice to the ‘Adjoining Owner’.

This could include the Landlord and possibly any tenants if these are present, and you will need to gain their consent to your proposed works. The Adjoining Owners are legally entitled to seek professional assistance from their own party wall surveyor, and the ‘Building Owner’ is required to meet these fees. If you fail to give correct notice, the consequences can be huge.

Works may have to be halted, which would be likely to incur you considerable costs. Solicitors may become involved, and if you have not followed the legislation correctly, you could end up footing the bill.
If you are a neighbour to a building project, you may be classed as an ‘Adjoining Owner’. You should therefore receive a formal notice seeking your consent to works, from the Building Owner who is to carry out the work.

If you are unsure about whether the works you wish to carry out will be party wall works, please follow this Party Wall Act link which will provide you with all the information and guidance you will need. Likewise if you receive notice from a neighbour informing you of a proposed planning application, check to see whether it will involve party walls. It could save you a lot trouble in the future.
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