Why Should You Hire a Professional Architect During Home Extension?

architectsFood, clothes & shelter had been termed as the most essential part of human mankind. And to have a decent dwelling is every human’s dream. Every person gives his utmost efforts in building his house of his dreams. At that time it seems to be perfect, but with the time, necessity & capacity changes, due to which he take a decision to do modifications. It may include simple cosmetic changes, little renovation or an extension to a single or double storey. While cosmetic changes or little renovation is easy to do, one should take utmost care while making extension plans, due to which choosing an expert extension planner for the purpose becomes very necessary. For extensions, the expert architect will help you with many aspects which are being discussed below one by one

Buildings Regulations Approval: Before starting extension works, you need to get approval from building regulation especially for the structural fitness, ventilation, fire safety etc. so that it may ensure that your house is safe not only for you but also for your surroundings.

Right of Way & Right of light: These are two man aspects in which your neighbour gets affected. Your extension plans should be such that you should not take away neighbour’s right of way & light.

Party wall act: The extension plan requires you to comply with the Party Wall Act if you are building or digging foundation within 3 meters of the party wall structure.

Conservation Areas & Tree preservation: If you are in any conservation area, a careful planning is required in order to get approval. Similarly you cannot alter a tree which comes under Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).

Listed building extension: Like above, if the building is listed, it will need both planning & consent. Without consent it is a criminal offence.

Designing: Designing of house is most important work, which should be done only through an expert architect. During extension plans, we tend to increase the rooms or utility areas, which is not the right approach. Instead the minimum measurements should always be taken care of. For e.g. minimum size of double bedroom should be 10.2-11.2 sq. m. Apart from that care needs to be taken so that no through rooms should be there.

Ceiling height: If you are planning to have a single or double storey building, you should not ignore this aspect. Although there is no regulation but there is a practical limit involved which should be carefully planned by an extension planner.

When to start: After the planning & designing is done, you need to submit a building notice with the required fee in order to start within 48 hours. Although for most extensions it is best suitable to have full plan applications.

VAT relief: You will be subjected to VAT relief only if you use contractors who are VAT registered. And for other VAT reliefs during extension, you must use a VAT registered builder as it cannot be claimed by yourself.

Expenses: Last but the most important aspect in extension planning is in terms of expenses. Every expense should be well planned in advance, so as to create efficiency in spending funds & also to reach the final goal of extension. For this purpose, an expert architect is a must, as you will get many surprises during the extension works in legal, commercial or architectural terms which can be well prioritised by him.

All of the above elements in addition to many others are very important to be kept in mind while planning a house extension. Any mistake or absence of any of these aspects may delay or even stop your ambitions to extend your house. So plan you extension dreams carefully by choosing an expert architect who will act as a catalyst in you extension works by advising you the right way to proceed further without missing any legal, technical or commercial aspect.

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Planning Single and Two Storey Extensions

architectural_services2Home renovation for creation of extra space for comfortable living needs becomes a primary necessity for many as the family grows. There are two important ways which one can opt to modify their homes for better spacing and comfortable housing needs. One can either opt for conversions of left out spaces like unused lofts or garage for renovation or extending home through single or two storey conversions.

There is no doubt in the fact that conversions are much convenient ways of adding space to the existing homes. But however these type of renovation methods are helpful only to certain structural projects and cannot help for the larger space requirements. Extensions can be much better options when you are planning for adding extra rooms to your home in order to facilitate for your growing family needs. For example whether you are planning for adding an extra games room for your new family member or willing to construct a new well furnished room to establish office within your residence, opting for construction on the top or outwards of your existing home can be a much better way to add convenient space to your home with minimum disturbance to your existing home features or design.

Single storey extensions are better ways to renovate your home for want of space at affordable costs. Extending you home upwards for a single floor addition will not cost you more as multi-storey extensions or home shifting would do and can also be implemented for your spacing requirements in existing home without actually requiring any planning permissions. Whether single storey extensions or two storey extensions upwards in major cases you are not required to get any planning permissions for construction as long as your property development is within the set limitations and does not become hazard for your neighbors.

However planning for single storey extensions or two storey extensions can levy higher construction costs if done without proper planning. Proper cost estimation should be carried out according to your budget and set preferences if you want to save up money that otherwise you would require implementing on unnecessary things as suggested by many money minded builders. It is always better that you have a proper idea of what exactly you require and what it costs to implement the same along with a minute hidden costs that are always included in these type of construction activities. This will help you save a lot on the construction costs.

Extension Plans by Architects

You will definitely require help of extension architects who can provide you extension plans according to your home extension needs. The home extension plans for single storey extension or multistory extension are important requirements as these tell the builder exactly how to give one’s extension ideas a form of realty and to decide how big a quantity of materials to order for the construction. A builder can give the cost estimation of your renovation project for extensions only by viewing the extension plans prepared by the architect. With extension plans for home extension will therefore great deal of your time and will also reduce the possibility of construction errors.

Architectural Services for Single and Two Storey Extensions in West Midlands

There are number of architects offering architectural services for single storey extensions or two storey extensions in West Midlands. But all cannot be as reliable as Affordable Home Designs. Affordable Home Designs is an architectural services company offering high quality services for new home design plans as well as house extension plans for single storey extensions and two storey extensions and plans for home renovation through loft and garage conversions.

This article is to educate readers about how to plan single and two storey extensions.

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Hire Professional Architects Birmingham for Better Home Design

Architectural ServicesRedesigning the existing home by renovation or extension is not an easy task. Prior planning with careful analysis of the home structure and proper execution as per the requirements is necessary when you are planning to extend your home or make it more spacious with conversions. Hiring professional architects will greatly simplify your task and relieve you of various jobs you would otherwise need to carry out during the process of your home makeover.

Today most of the home owners in Birmingham are opting for professional architectural services for their home designing needs and reasons for this are the affordable services of architects Birmingham and the easy availability of such professional architectural services in the region. Only professional home architects Birmingham can design your home efficiently while taking into consideration all your needs. They have knowledge of various factors to be taken care of while designing homes. Not all the homes could be designed in a common way. Different homes have different requirements. Only an experienced architect will know better about these requirements of home designing as a particular home demands. Therefore service of professional experienced architects is what one needs to hire for the efficient home designing. Only experienced architects will have better knowledge of various styles of home designing and therefore will be able to redesign your home efficiently to satisfy your requirements.

There are various formalities to be completed before, during and after the process. These architects Birmingham will take care of all these formalities on your behalf thereby relieving you of the tiresome part of the design process. Working over the years, these professional architects would have developed a great working relationship with several local authorities. This means that they can effectively and quickly deal with any issues that arise during the process. All the paperwork related to your home extension or conversion will be taken care by these architects themselves. If you are planning to add extend your home upwards the home extension plans are the must. The professional Birmingham architects will design the home extension plans best suitable to your requirements whether a single storey extension or a multi storey extension.


Therefore it is very important to hire professional architects to get your home designed according your requirements efficiently. There are several architects in Birmingham offering home design services. Therefore you need to select an appropriate architect who can provide affordable services to best satisfy your home designing needs.

This article educates reader about architectural services offered by professional architects in Birmingham.

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Services of Architects Solihull for Loft Conversion

architectural_services6A loft conversion can be a great way to add extra space and value to your existing home. Not only is it a great way to add living space, it also adds value to your property which is a great bonus should you ever decide to sell.

When undertaking a loft conversion, it’s imperative that the design and plans are correct before work is started. There are many aspects to consider when converting a loft, such as fire safety, the strength of the existing floor and beams and any party wall agreements that need to be sorted if you share a wall with a neighbour.

How an Extension Architect Can Help You?

Because a loft has a restricted amount of space to work with, it’s important that you hire architects Solihull and utilize them with the aim of obtaining the most living space from the small area. Where you might see space for a single bedroom only, an architect may have the knowledge and vision to fit in an additional living area or bathroom as well. It’s this type of vision that really makes an architect’s fee worthwhile.

Adding an extra bedroom or bathroom in to your loft means making sure the design and style of the conversion fits within the existing house. You don’t want a conversion that looks like it was added on many years after the original house was built. Instead, you want everything from the stairs to the ceiling beams matching up perfectly with the rest of the building – otherwise you could find that you really haven’t added as much value to your property as you could have.

Let Your Extension Architect Deal with the Formalities

One of the great things about undertaking a loft conversion is that planning permission is normally not required, which is great as it cuts out a lot of the paperwork that would otherwise be required. However, if you need to extend or alter the roof space and it goes beyond specified limits, then you will need planning permission. Luckily, when you avail of a professional architectural services company such as Affordable Home Designs, they’ll be there to complete and submit the required paperwork to your local authority with the aim of obtaining planning permission for your conversion. Because most architects – and Affordable Home Designs are no exception – have been working with the local authorities for years, they have a good working relationship with them, which means that if there are any problems that come up during the application process they’ll be able to deal with them in a quick and efficient manner.

Having the help of an architectural services company when undertaking a loft conversion in an area such as Solihull is highly recommended, especially when undertaking a conversion that may need planning permission due to any roofing alterations. Affordable Home Designs offer a free initial consultation in your home in the Solihull area, so you have nothing to lose by calling and making an appointment today. It could be your first step to having the loft conversion of your dreams.Visit http://www.affordablehomedesigns.co.uk for further details about the services of Affordable Home Designs.

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Why You Need Architects Birmingham When Planning Your Extension?

Adding an extension can be a great way to transform your home by adding more living space and adding value. There are however many aspects to consider when going ahead with an extension, such as building regulations, planning permission and the design of the extension itself.

This is why choosing to use architects Birmingham is such a good idea when planning your extension as they’ll be able to help and give advice on not only the design, but the building regulations as well – making your life much easier!

What Type Of Extension Should You Go For?

First of all, you should really decide what type of extension you would like, be it a single storey single_stoery_extensionconversion, or two storey conversion. A single storey conversion is the simpler of the two options as planning permission is generally easier to get, and any problems that may occur during the build are usually easier to fix, plus the upstairs of your home will be free of the dust and disturbances that normally occur due to building work.

A second storey extension however will give you double the room, without doubling the cost. This is mainly due to there being less work involved in creating a second level as the foundations and roofing are needed anyway for the single storey extension.

What Your Extension Architect Will Do For You?

Whichever you decide to progress with, you’ll want to obtain the services of architects Birmingham to help you plan and progress through each stage of the extension process.

Affordable Home Designs is one such architectural services agency that covers Birmingham and will gladly travel to your home and provide you with a free consultation which will outline many of the restrictions and restraints that you may come across as part of the planning permission process.

Should you wish to go ahead with Affordable Home Designs, they will commence with a survey of the existing property – this includes taking measurements of the internal and external dimensions of the building, photographing any external elevations and locating other important features, such as boundaries, drainage and site restrictions.

Once this survey is complete, Affordable Home Designs will proceed with the initial design sketches based on your requirements and once complete will be submitted to you for feedback and approval. Once these initial drawings are approved, Affordable Home Designs will submit all applicable forms and consents for your project to the relevant local authorities on your behalf. This includes dealing with consents such as the listed building consents, party wall act notices etc.

As your application is processing, you may find it possible that you’ll need to contact or be contacted by the various organisations involved in the application process. You may find this a bit daunting if this is your first extension project, which is why Affordable Home Designs are happy to handle the communication for you. They’ve built up a great working relationship with many local authorities over the years, which mean they can deal with any issues that arise quickly and efficiently.

All approved and completed drawings and associated documents will be printed and together with Architectural Servicesthe decision notices from the local authority, provided to you for your records. These drawings will provide your chosen builder with enough information to go ahead and start working on your extension, and will allow him to work right through to completion.

As you can see, it really is worthwhile making use of a professional architects Birmingham company when you’re undertaking your next extension. Since Affordably Home Designs offer a free initial consultation, why not pick up the phone and book yourself an appointment today.Visit http://www.affordablehomedesigns.co.uk to know more about the architectural services of the firm.

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Why Use Services of Architects Wolverhampton When Planning a Two Storey Extension?

Undertaking a two storey extension on your home can be a great way of expanding your living areaextension and increasing the value of your property, however there are many points to consider before undertaking such a project, and it is not as straight forward as you may think. A great way to alleviate the hassles and stresses of such a project is to undertake the services of architects Wolverhampton, as they’ve got the experience and skill set to get your project moving in the right direction, leaving you to relax and enjoy the process of your two storey extension coming to life.

When planning a two storey extension, it’s important to know the limits and boundaries that you have to work around. Luckily, some architects, such as Affordable Home Designs, offer a free initial consultation in your home where they will advise you of any restrictions and restraints which may come about as part of the planning or building regulations process. You’re also able to discuss your ideas and get their feedback on what you want your two storey extension to look like and how you’d like it to function.

The Architectural Process

Should you choose to go ahead with Affordable Home Designs architectural services, then the next stage is for them to call to the property to assess the building and land as part of their initial survey. Your architect will then proceed with taking measurements of the inside and outside of the building and taking photos and notes of any external elevations, boundaries and drainage etc.

Once all the measurements have been taken and the requirements for your two storey extension architectural_services6understood, your architects Wolverhampton will progress with producing your ‘initial design sketches’. These are initial plans for what your two storey extension will look like and they’ll be passed on to you for your feedback and comments so any changes can be made, or approval given. The finalized plans will only be drawn up and sent for approval once you are totally satisfied with the proposals.

Your Architect Will Save You the Hassle of Paperwork

As with most building projects, there are a lot of rules, regulations and paper work involving your local authority. Luckily, as part of Affordable Home Designs service to you, they’ll take care of completing and submitting the relevant consents on your behalf. These could be things like planning applications, building regulation applications and party wall act notices etc. As part of this service, your architect will also handle any communications required between the different parties involved in processing your application proposals, such as the Planning Officer or Building Inspector. This can be quite an intimidating experience if you’re not used to dealing with such matters, however Affordable Home Designs have built up a great working relationship with many local authorities over the years enabling them to deal with any such queries with great efficiency.

As soon as your local authority have approved your application, Affordable Home Designs will hand over your approved application and final drawings to you, enabling your builder to work on your extension till completion.

As you can see, there’s much more to a two storey extension than you might think, and utilising the services of architects Wolverhampton is certainly a good idea. If you’re thinking about adding a two storey extension to your home, then give Affordable Home Designs a call today and make use of their free initial consultation. Visit http://www.affordablehomedesigns.co.uk for further information.

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Why it’s Worth Availing the Services of Architects Coventry?

Undertaking any sort of construction work, be it from a simple loft conversion to a full on new home build, can be a stressful experience. It’s often a process full of communication problems, endless paper work and tight rules and regulations. If you’ve never done this sort of thing before, it can be a very daunting experience. One good way of minimising this stress and hassle, is to avail of professional architectural services, by way of architects Coventry.

Get To Know Your Architect

By utilising an architectural services company, such as Affordable Home Designs, you’re bringing Architecton board an architect who knows all the rules and regulations and knows how to turn your vision in to a reality. Many architects Coventry offer a free initial consultation at your home, so it’s really a good idea to take them up on this offer. They will travel to your home where you’ll get to talk to them about your requirements and they’ll inform you of any restrictions that may be in place due to planning or building regulations that you should be aware of.  It’s also a great way to judge the communication abilities of your architect as well, as miscommunication is one of the biggest issues when undertaking a building project, and can lead to some fairly major consequences down the line.

What Your Architect Actually Does For You?

The biggest job an architect has when working on a construction project, such as a single or two extension_plansstorey extension, is to create the plans for which the building work will be based from. After the architect has met with you, they will go off and create the ‘initial design sketches’. These are the initial plans which are derived from your requirements and the architects own experience and skill. These will be presented for you to review and comment on and once you’re happy with any changes that have had to be made, these drawings will become the final plans for your new home building, extension or loft conversion.

With a single or two storey extension, or new home build, there’s a lot of paperwork that must be architecturalservices5completed and consents sought. If you’re fairly inexperienced with this type of thing, it can be quite a daunting and intimidating process, however if you were smart enough to avail of the services of professional architectural services, like Affordable Home Designs, you’ll be pleased to know that they’ll complete and submit all the required paperwork in order to receive planning permission from your local authority. This really will save you a lot of time spent agonising over paperwork – it’s a much better idea to leave it to someone who has been through it all before.

Using architects Coventry really is a small price to pay when you think about the time and stress that will be saved by utilising professional architectural services. At the very least, it’s a good idea to avail of that free initial consultation to help you get an understanding of really how much a good architect can help you. Avail services of Affordable Home Designs http://www.affordablehomedesigns.co.uk for affordable home extensions.

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What to Look for When Adding Single or Two Storey Extensions?

Many people these days are looking in to the possibilities of undertaking a single storey extension or two storey extension on their home. Adding an extension to your home is an ideal way of adding to your available living area, without the hassles and costs associated with moving to a new home. There’s also the bonus that adding an extension on to your home will generally increase its value, which is great if you ever plan on selling in the future.

Decide Between a Single or Two Story Extension

One of the biggest decisions when contemplating an extension is whether to go for a single storey Single Storey Extensionsextension, or a two storey extension.  If it’s only a small amount of living area you’re needing, then a single storey extension might be suitable, however even then it’s worth considering a two storey extension simply because you’ll find that in general adding another storey to your extension can be very cost effective. This is down to the fact that the costliest part of any extension is the foundations and the roof, so if your budget allows a bit of movement, it’s worth thinking about, because even if you don’t need that additional bedroom upstairs at the moment, the added value that it brings to your property could far outweigh the additional cost in having it added.

Get an Architect On Board

As with most building projects, utilising the services of a professional architectural company to assist in the process of your extension is a great idea. Not only will an extension architect help and Architectural Servicesprepare your extension plans, but they’ll also advise on any regulations and restrictions that you will have to abide by, and they’ll also help with the submission of your building application to your local authority and the obtaining of the required consents. This is a huge help when undertaking extension work on your home, as the paperwork required and other requirements that need to be followed can be rather daunting to someone who has not experienced the process before, so the fact that you’ll have a professional architectural services for home extensions company in place to handle this part of the process for you is incredibly helpful. You’ll also find that the Planning Officer or Building Inspector from your local authority may want to get in contact with various questions or clarifications, so it’s useful that your architect will be in place as a point of contact should anything arise.

As you can see, adding a single or two storey extension to your existing home can be hugely beneficial. It will give you the space you need without having to move to a completely new home, whilst also adding value to your property. Adding an extension to your home needn’t be a complicated process, which is why utilising the help of an architectural services company like Affordable Home Designs can be so beneficial. Don’t forget that Affordable Home Designs offer a free initial consultation in your home, so it’s worth taking them up on their offer and having a chat about your upcoming extension build.Visit http://www.affordablehomedesigns.co.uk for further details on services of Affordable Home Designs.

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What to look For in Architects Sutton Coldfield?

Are you planning a new build, extension, loft conversion or other building alteration work in Sutton Coldfield in West Midlands and thinking about hiring an architect? If so, then here’s what you should look for when choosing an architect for your next project.

Why You Need an Architect?

Firstly, it’s a good idea to understand why you may need to use an architect. You may have a vision in your head of your new house build or extension; however it’s often very hard for the average person to get that vision down on paper in a way that a builder will be able to understand. Luckily, architects are used to taking ideas from clients and turning their vision in to appropriate building or extension plans that a builder can then use.

Unless you’re well experienced in undertaking construction projects, it’s highly likely that you would overlook minor details if you were going it alone. Things such as window placements, heating requirements and the materials used are all things that an architect will look at to ensure your project is completed to a high standard.

How to Choose the Right Architect For You?

When choosing an architect, it’s a good idea to ask around any friends, family, or co-workers who architectural_services2have used the architectural services of an architect recently for their recommendation. As always, a personal recommendation can be golden when looking for a service provider, and looking for an architect is no different. We’re proud to say that a lot of our many projects come to us by way of recommendation to others, which tells us that we must be doing something right!

Try and find an architect that has similar creative tastes as you. It doesn’t make much sense to avail services of an architect who specializes in ultra-modern style design, when you want to add to the character of your rural cottage.

Many architects Sutton Coldfield in West Midlands offer an initial free consultation in the client’s architectshome, and Affordable Home Designs are no different. Make sure you avail of this offering so that you can meet the right home building or extension architects to discuss your ideas for your home development project. Most problems that can occur during a build or single or two storey extensions are down to communication issues, so make sure that you communicate clearly with your architect about your ideas, and ensure you’re getting the same level of communication back from them.

Architects are usually well known in the local authority offices as they work together regularly on the approval process of new projects, so it’s often a good idea to give the local authority a call to check with them on the approval rate of your prospective architect.

As you can see, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you’re hiring the best architects Sutton Coldfield. An architect is a major part of any building process, so make sure you do your homework and pick the best one for your particular building project. Don’t forget, Affordable Home Designs have over a decade’s worth of experience in the Sutton Coldfield area and offer a free initial consultation at your home.

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Using Services of Architects West Midlands for Your Next Building Project

Are you wanting to make alterations to your existing property, whether it’s by adding on a conservatory, opening up your lounge/dining area, adding a single or two storey extension, or even undertaking a loft conversion? One of the best decisions you can make for your project is to utilize the services of a professional architectural services company in the West Midlands.

Why Use Services of Architects in West Midlands?

Affordable Home Designs is one such professional architectural services company that covers the ArchitectWest Midlands area and are highly experienced in all aspects of architectural design – from simple home alterations, to two storey extensions and new home builds. When you hire an architectural services company like Affordable Home Designs, you’re not just getting someone who will take your requirements and turn them in to professional building or extension plans, but you’re getting someone who will be there for you every step of the construction process – including handling any paper work that needs doing, or consents that need obtaining from your local authority. These extension architects will not only bring your ideas to life, but they’ll save you a lot of time and stress in the process, which makes the nominal fee for their architectural services seem like a real bargain.

Why Building an Extension is a Great Idea?

A lot of people these days are undertaking single storey extensions, or even two storeysingle_stoery_extension extensions. This is due in part to the current economic climate and peoples need for additional living area, whilst not having the finances available to move to an entirely new house. An extension is a great way to obtain additional living area without the costs or hassle of moving to a new location and home, whether it’s a simple single storey extension for a new living area or a two storey extension including a new bedroom, bathroom and living area. Either way, you’re getting that additional living space that’s so desperately needed, and in most cases actually adding to the value of your home as well.

If you do decide to explore the possibilities of getting an extension built on to your current home, you should definitely consider utilising professional architectural services by way of architects West Midlands. They’ll be able to inform you of any rules and regulations you need to adhere to, how much space you’re able to obtain and what you can do with that space, and ensure that your new extension matches the rest of your home without sticking out like a sore thumb. Using an architectural service for your extension also enables you to get more accurate quotes from any builders you approach, as they’ll be able to see exactly what needs to be done from the extension plans, eliminating a lot of guess work in their quotations and additional costs that sometimes appear as work is in progress.

Hopefully you can see the benefits of using an architect for your next construction project, and how they can help you save time and money in turning your vision and requirements in to reality. Affordable Home Designs happily offer an initial free consultation at your home, so it won’t cost you anything to make an appointment with them and find out more about their architectural services and how they can help you. These professional architects in Birmingham West Midlands can provide you the best and most affordable architectural services in Birmingham to convert your home into a dream home.

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